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If you want more sales you need to be marketing your business well. In today’s world that means an effective website, combined with proven marketing systems.

You can have the solutions that will help your business to succeed.

Your bottom line will grow from our results oriented business consulting that we provide to small and medium sized businesses that want more cash flow.

You can access decades of business knowledge in planning, structure, systems, marketing and sales including the latest in technologies your business needs to succeed with an online presence.

Get your business website online, fast and increase your sales. Ask us about setting up lead generation systems for your business.

Recognizing the need to blend traditional marketing and business operations with the latest in internet marketing tools and techniques we provide the small to medium sized business owner the tools, training, coaching and implementation of basic and advanced marketing systems and direct business coaching.

Many business owners are overwhelmed with all of the day-to-day business issues and overlook the absolute need for a strong marketing blueprint and a regular marketing processes.

We can help you identify what can be done, how to do it, do it for you and even how to automate it for hands free results. We will address online, offline and internal marketing principles in your business.

With over 27 years of business ownership, marketing expertise and business design we can help you move your business to the next level.

We only work with one business, per market niche, per region at a time. Hire us before your competition does.

Physically located in the Vancouver, B.C. area but working with people world wide thanks to the power and efficiency offered by the internet we are a virtual private business offering you real results.


A Few Words of Appreciation We’ve Received:

avatar"Michael is a client of mine who had taken an interest in my business. It was very timely as professionally and personally I was going through major transitions in my life. Although I was beginning to make changes on my own, an impromptu 40 minute coaching session with Michael helped me look at my situation with new perspectives and possibilities. His insights on my marketing pieces were clear and valuable. The greatest gift was that Michael helped re-ignite the fire and passion within me. This momentum has allowed me to serve people at my Studio with greater purpose and clarity. Thank you Michael, this was a great and beneficial single coaching session for me!"

Dr. Sukhi Muker
Sunshine LIfe Studio Chiropractic Corp.
avatar"I have had the privilege of benefiting from the consulting services provided by business coach Michael Millar. He has proved to be very knowledgeable in the re-organization of our business and in the structuring of business. Regardless of the complexities at hand, he is always able to explain and interpret the issues in a way which enables non-experts to make informed decisions. His down-to-earth, light hearted and amiable way of interacting with staff in conjunction with his business knowledge has earned him our deep respect. We highly recommend Michael as a positive and creative individual, who has the ability to proactively interface with anyone's business."

Peter H. Scholl, SCHOLL Enterprises
avatar"Michael, I'm very grateful for all the ways in which you help New Energy Movement Canada, patiently and with humor and compassion, month after month. You started off coaching us in legal aspects of the challenges we face, then cheerfully took on other roles as needed such as filming and editing videos, designing marketing materials, encouraging and advising as we structure and grow the organization, and in general providing wise counsel to individuals and to the group.

I personally have benefited from your insights into how a diverse group of people can learn to work coherently toward a worthy goal, and how I can take a fresh look at my own style of dealing with situations. And I thank you for adding to the fun of it all!"

Jeane Manning, author and columnist
JeaneManning.com, BreakthroughPower.com
avatarHi Michael;

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the work you have done creating a website for me.  My friend Barbara Kyle referred me to you and as a result you have made my dream come true.  As one who writes a great deal of poetry it has always been my desire that my poems be available to the public at large.

The website you created was even better than I had requested.  With your expertise you included features that had not occurred to me.  As of July 26th I have had almost 700 hits on my site and a key word search has me on the first page. If anybody asked me to rate you I would say you are a 10 out of 10 and I highly recommend you.

While the website you created for me is perfect for my needs but what makes you even more outstanding is the customer service you provide.  Websites and computers are not my forte.  In response to my confusion you quickly provided me with links, to videos you created, to explain and guide me through my areas of confusion.  Your training videos were concise, easily understood, and cleared up my confusion.

Again thank you for everything.  I am extremely pleased and grateful for all you have done for me.

Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial whenever, or wherever, you wish.


Terry Thompson
Thompson New Age Poetry
"The impact Michael has had on our organization has been great. His proactive approach, wide knowledge base and creativity have been nothing short of WOW!

From the moment Michael appeared on the scene his ideas and actions have propelled us to new heights quickly. The visual work, his level of communications and the business structure guidance has had a tremendous positive impact and is really helping us to achieve our goals.

It's a pleasure to work with Michael, he keeps things light, positive and at a very high level of integrity. Thanks so much for your efforts and contribution, you really do make a big difference!"

Susan McFee




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