The 8 Secret Power Systems For Your Business to Free Up Your Time and

Put More Money in YOUR Pocket

Make sure to have these 8 Core Systems in place in your business which will free your time and multiply your income without spending more money on traditional advertising!

Powerful and unique sales and marketing systems that leverage hidden assets that already exist in your business.

Tap into your business’s hidden assets and create exponential growth of your business.

Put in smart systems, which means they work the same way every time, and put your cash flow on auto pilot.

Our systems can:
1. Increase Your sales by 25% or More
2. Speed Up and Increase Your Cash Flow
3. Increase Your Bottom Line
4. Increase Working Capital (without borrowing)

Achieve these results without spending any more money on traditional advertising!

We suggest ensuring that below systems 1-4 be in place and operating well as these are the “core 4” systems for your business success.

You choose which additional systems to have implemented. Each is system is done on a project basis.

Each system is developed and implemented in your business for you on a project by project basis. We are unique as consultants because we do more than leave you with reports and recommendations, we implement the system for you and we get it done.

Maximize and systemize your business and double your bottom line with these 8 Core Systems act like pillars holding up a building. With sufficient pillars in place the business is strong, resilient and productive:

1. Uncover and Promote Your U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition) – This pillar is the foundation of our system, and of your business. Your U.S.P. must answer this question: Why do people buy from you? If they aren’t buying from you, why should they? If you can’t answer this question, your customers and staff certainly won’t! It is your most powerful and important message.

2. Optimize the Current Marketing for Exponential Sales
There are three ways to exponential growth:

1. Integrate the USP into all your marketing efforts

2. Consistently work at increasing the conversion rate of prospects to customers through sales training and follow-up systems

3. Increase the value of the customer by increasing the average transaction value and the number of transactions.

The results are improved performance that brings immediate results to your bottom line.

3. Relationship Building – Optimize the Customer Database
It is surprising how many businesses do not know the names of the majority of their customers. When was the last time, if ever, that a restaurant or a retailer asked for your name or address? Since they don’t know or ask, they are doomed to spending ever-increasing amounts of scarce capital on chasing new customers. Without a database as part of your marketing strategy, you are literally tossing money out the window.

We set up a system for capturing and segmenting the different types of clients.

1. Past clients – A system to recapture them

2. Present clients – A system to retain them and work the “back-end”

3. Prospective clients – A system to identify, follow-up, educate them and then close the sale for their new business

The results from this small business marketing strategy are immediate and dramatic.

4. Strategic Alliances
A frequently neglected hidden asset is the client base and professional networks of business or a professional. Strategic alliances allow a business to benefit from the relationships they have developed with customers, prospects and personal networks.

We will identify and locate various businesses within your customer database and seek their endorsement of your products and services to their customer base. This is a very powerful tool that results in huge sales increases for the companies involved in your alliance.

Many top marketing experts, myself included, believe this is by far the most powerful cash flow generating system.

5. Custom Advertising
After your first four pillars are in place and working we create synergy to insure that you maximize your marketing and advertising investments.

Media advertising can be a key element of your marketing strategy. That is as long as you have ads that actually work well to bring in clients. Typically, that objective should be to deliver prospects and customers. Results must be measurable and tracked.

Three elements determine success:

1. What is the market?

2. What is the media?

3. What is the message?

Test against control measures in terms of cash flow generated. If it is makes money, do it some more.

6. Community Relations
Community relations is image and results marketing. It is an inexpensive and powerful marketing strategy. We leverage the donations you provide to groups and associations. It also involves effective publicity so that your message is promoted to the community.

Your community involvement as a sales building opportunity that takes your community involvement to its logical conclusion… Your bottom line!

7. Direct Marketing
Effective direct marketing MUST do the same thing you would do in person, that is – SELL. It must have an offer, a deadline, a reply mechanism and must be constantly tested. This pillar includes:

1. Direct mail

2. Telemarketing

3. Displays

4. Salespeople

All tools in this pillar are direct response oriented. Every direct marketing effort needs to do the same thing you would do in person ie. SELL, it must have a reply mechanism and must be repeatedly tested. We make it a powerful component of your marketing strategy that brings you tons of profitable clients.

8. Internet Marketing

The final pillar of the system involves the question “can all my business that is done off-line be done on-line?”. Online marketing offers businesses the opportunity to reach a world-wide audience.

Many businesses online presence is simply a re-hash of their product brochure so the business misses the opportunity to sell the benefits of doing business with them.

The internet is THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL for your business to educate prospects and clients, provide extra value and be the most efficient way to build a relationship, the key to ongoing business success.

The KNOW, LIKE, TRUST factors will get you clients and keep you clients. People WANT to do business with people they know, like and trust. By offering good training, insights and real value via your website (on 24/7 autopilot) people will see you as the trusted expert and love to give you money.

We look at your Web site like your customers will. We’ll let you know exactly what you need to do to have a site that delivers you new business.

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