Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Get Your Commercial on TV. All By Yourself… Cheap

Well, well, well, the ubiquitous Google Corp. has moved into the tv commercial booking business.

Using a simple online interface you can now buy tv commercial time on a wide range of networks, pick the shows you want it to air on and select the time of day you want to get to air…all for very little money.

It’s a great idea and lets you test tv responses to your commercials quickly and easily.

One more way your business can be marketing, always, everywhere.

Here’s a fun and fast intro to the concept:

And a link to Google’s site: air your tv commercial

Here’s Google’s guide to using their service:

TV Ads Strategy Guide

Promote your business on TV

Google TV Ads allows businesses of all sizes to advertise on national television. TV advertising is a compelling medium, but if you’re new to TV it can be difficult to understand how to set up ads and campaigns to ensure success. This handbook has been designed as a guide to understanding:

  • Whether television is the right advertising medium for your business
  • The TV ad creation process and best practices
  • How to create and manage successful TV campaigns
  • Methods to track and analyze TV campaign performance

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