Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Great Content Leads To Sales

Give Content That's Valuable

Give Content That's Valuable

Fancy looking websites attract, numbers of views impress but when it comes to the relationship building, getting to know, like and trust you…great content that provides real value to your website visitors and clients is what sells without selling.

Everyone hates to sell (well almost everyone) but, as you’ve heard many times before, everyone loves to buy. People prefer to buy what they are attracted too, a business or a person that they know, like and trust.

You can have website visitors sell themselves on you. The number one thing that makes clients stay loyal to you and your business (anyone can make a onetime sale) is your business continuing to provide value BEYOND what people have invested in their time and money so they continue to “know like and trust” you.

Start out providing value and never stop.

Raving fans, regular customers, referrals and free publicity comes from over delivering in any way.

Can you over deliver in new ways?

Can your website become a way to educate, inform, entertain or save people time and money? If yes then you will stand out from the crowd “of me too marketers” who hang out a sign, or buy an ad, then they hope and pray people come in the door.

In todays economy that is business suicide. Your business needs to be marketing, everywhere, always.

There are four key ways to deliver fresh, informative value creating information at almost no cost, 24/7, over the internet. When you do this you give people the chance to sell themselves on your business so you don’t have to:

  1. Videos – share information, guidance, insight, behind the scenes, news, personalities and much more that will provide a face and connection to your business like nothing else. TV commercials used to be powerful and expensive but with the YouTube generation you can produce low budget video about your business that will build new relationships leading to new business. Your videos can be on your website, and all over the internet on dozens of video sites, sending you new clients everyday (for free).
  2. Articles – the same thing you do a video on can be content for an article. Post each article to your website and blast it out to dozens of article websites all over the internet. Every article will send you fresh, new traffic for years to come (for free).
  3. Press Releases – every time you have news press release it…that’s right to dozens of press release websites. They will live on and send you traffic, traffic traffic (for free). What is “newsworthy” you say? More than you have ever dreamed of and whatever you decide.
  4. Podcasts – think of podcasting as internet radio that plays every time someone finds it. it’s not gone the minute its done, like regular radio. It lives on and on, waiting for the next visitor wanting to hear what you have to say. “Who wants to hear what I have to say?”, you ask. Well, a lot of people actually. You have expertise that you take for granted and other people would love to know-what-you-know without having to spend the years and effort learning it. Share your knowledge and wisdom and your kingdom will grow. I almost forgot, they will live on and send you traffic, traffic traffic (for free).

Do you notice a trend? Provide great content and get free, free, free traffic to your website. People will come directly from the content hey have come across and each content piece you distribute over the internet creates links back to your website, which the search engines can see and they rank your website an worthy of first page (maybe) because so many pages on the internet link back to you.

Don’t let it overwhelm you. Start with one and keep adding one. With a plan and systems in place you will amaze yourself at what can be produced that other people will love and appreciate.

Make your business a star and the financial rewards will be yours.

We can help you plan, create and distribute your content with a strategic overall marketing plan in place, so you can see where your business is going and how is going to get there. Get started on marketing, everywhere, always.

Connect with us now to begin… info @ MarketingAlwaysEverywhere.com

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