Friday, December 12th, 2014

How To Make Your Website Increase Cash-Flow

Cash Tap Marketing To Your Lists

Cash Tap Marketing To Your Lists

One of the best ways to make your local business website actually add to your bottom line immediately is to take a proactive position… instead of a reactive one.

Sadly, most local businesses leave it up to the customer to return back to the website, or take the next action and contact you to provide your services and products to them.

That’s not the smartest approach if you want to make more money in your business in the next 90 days than you did the previous 9 months.

We’ve all heard the idea that it takes multiple contacts to develop a prospect to the point of buying, that means your business, using automated systems, being proactive to make regular contact with valuable information.

So how can you be proactive automatically? The first way is to develop an “online e-newsletter” or a valuable free offer that people can gain access to if they put their email address into a form on your site. (Have you left your email in MY “opt-in offer” yet? Its right there…. 😉 ––––––––––––––––––––––> ).

If you do it right, many website visitors will sign up for your free info because your website explains, in a compelling way, the benefits that your free offer promises to provide.

Then, all email addresses are put into an “email database” that you can contact any time you wish, whenever you want to send out special offers or educational info.

Your prospect database and your client database are your most valuable assets. You do have both, right? You can communicate to them each list on a regular basis and turn on the cash-flow-tap whenever you have a great offer.

You could provide special offers, discounts, coupons, notifications of sales and all kinds of other stuff that will help your business bring in more cash flow. This is a service we provide for clients and we can explain this more fully in a 15 minute free consultation.

Ask us about developing, building and mining your databases of clients and prospects.

Contact us for your free 15 minute website review and input your email into the form on the right to request our report “4 Secrets to Getting the Web to Work For You” which also includes access to 7 free videos to help your understanding of what is possible and how it REALLY can work for you.

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