Mobile Marketing (no its not your car) Is Direct, On Demand Access to EVERY Customer’s Cel Phone!

Mobile Optimized WebsiteThat’s right, cel phone. Who do you know doesn’t have a cel phone? Anyone?

There are two key marketing methods with mobile phones.

A mobile optimized website and SMS marketing.

A mobile optimized website is pretty self explanatory, but few people think about it until they use their mobile phone to try and access info about a business on their cel phone and run into three big issues:

  1. Most websites look like lousy, its really hard to see the words…so small! Too many pictures, too many pages of information!
  2. When you’re using your phone you are in “instant info mode” not browsing mode. You want the store location, store hours, special offers or basic price list, maybe the menu in big enough type style to actually read…on your phone.
  3. Regular websites are slow to load and eat up your data plan. With all the graphics and sales pitches every page loads sloooooow and burns through your data plan.
As a smart business owner you can now offer a cel phone optimized website tailored to the mobile phones of today…..millions of mobile phones already and growing in number. These are buyers on the go looking for fast info now.
Can you afford to pass up on this market or make it difficult for them to spend their money in your business?
If people can’t find the info they need on your website NOW you are losing business. Get your mobile phone optimized website online sooner, rather than later. Its affordable, quick to set up and seamless to the business and mobile phone user.

SMS Marketing

More Business With Mobile Marketing

More Business With Mobile Marketing

SMS is tech talk for text messaging. You send text messages (or your kids do). You get text messages (or people around you do).

Have you noticed what EVERYONE does when they get a new text message?

People READ texts! Like right now! No waiting.

Imagine that your business is having a slow day and you really wish more customers would come in the door and BUY SOMETHING!
Now imagine you have a SMS marketing process in place where you create a special offer that is summarized in one sentence…like:
  • “Visit us tonight 6-9pm and get 20% off your purchases. Show this text.”
  • “FREE BEER! After 6pm tonight only. Buy one get one Free.Show this text.”
The bottom line for many businesses is that SMS text marketing can create instant results.
Contact us to see of SMS marketing is a good business builder for you especially if you like the idea that text messages have the highest open-rate of any form of mail, at 94%, and that the average text is received and read in less than 4 minutes.

If I could give you the power, to fill every seat in your restaurant, or pub, or a have surge of hot buyers into your store and you could do it ANYTIME you wanted, for pennies per head, would you be interested?


I’m sure you’ve seen these funny bar codes. Scan it with your smart phone to see our mobile website:


 You too can use these for your ads,  menus, sales promos and more. Ask us how.