Sunday, February 15th, 2015

New Viral Video Process

viral marketingWe just finished testing a new VIDEO VIRAL service offering a way to help videos go viral, getting more views and website traffic.

And it works!

You’ve seen YouTube videos right? How cool would it be if in the middle of the video it paused and gave people a chance to Tweet about your video? How cool would it be to make it “required” if the viewer wanted to finish the video?

Now you can!

  1. Add a short message to your videos that viewers must/can tweet – to turn them VIRAL!
  2. Add an optin form so viewers must/can opt into your list – for MORE OPTINS!
  3. Add a built-in poll so viewers must/can vote – for more respondents and data
  4. Add a message with a link that viewers must/can click – for MORE CLICKS!

…and you get to choose EXACTLY when the script appears, accurate to the second! If your video content is of great value, you will have no problem in getting your viewers to perform any of those actions so they can watch the video in full…

…and you have the option to make this compulsory or optional! In other words: YOU have the choice to make those viral actions compulsory or optional. In the first case, viewers will HAVE TO perform the action to be able to watch the rest of the video. In the second case, viewers can just skip the viral action and continue watching the video. How much more freedom could you have?

1) Use the power Twitter to turn your videos viral – With the Twitter option, you can add a message to any YouTube or self-hosted videos, whenever you want it to show so viewers must tweet your message before they can watch the rest of the video… Remember you can make it compulsory or optional! You can choose to show it at the beginning, or at the end… whenever you want!

2) Turn your videos into killer optin forms – You can also add an optin form so viewers must opt in, either before, during or after the video. If your video content is of great value, people WILL opt in, because they want to watch the rest of the video. That’s a win-win situation! They get to watch the video, and you get more optins!

3) Add a poll to ANY YouTube or self-hosted video – With this option you can add a poll to any video, and viewers must vote to be able to watch the video. If you’re struggling to get people to respond to your polls, this is a must-have! You will easily get more respondents, and more data! What else could you ask for?

4) Get viewers to go exactly where you want them to – You can also go the simple way with a message and a link that viewers must click so they can watch the video. You can direct your viewers to the page of your choice: a capture page, a sales page… or even to another video. This is totally up to you! Remember, you can decide exactly when you want the script to appear.

It creates a built in FaceBook like button and optional “Tweet to continue” feature. If people like what they are watching they will tell their Twitterverse about the video and drive traffic to it, for free (it can be set so the have to Tweet the video to finish watching it or make it just a suggestion). Quality content will be even more valuable and easy to spread the word.

Here’s an existing video I created and later added one of the special links that allows people to go directly to any URL you choose (like your home page), to drive interested buyers at the click of a button. Check it out.

Sound interesting. Contact me for more details and how to upgrade your videos to VIRAL VIDEO status! Ask about the live polling feature, great for customer feedback.

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