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April 23rd, 2015
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Video Testimonials SELL

Get Client Testimonials

Get Client Testimonials

The biggest benefit of your website to the success of your business is that hundreds of potential buyers of your product or service can actually FIND your business when they are actually looking for what you sell.

The search engines, like Google and Yahoo, are there to match your buyers with YOU for free!

You would like more cash in hand buyers finding your business right?

Search engines need good content to be able to find your website and the better and fresher your content is the better chance you will end up on page one of the search results of hungry buyers.

The second benefit of you having a website is that that same motivated shopper can meet you, preview your business and be sold on you without ever having to leave home. They can get to know you, like you and trust you 24/7 on their own time. So when they contact you, or come to your store, they are already pre-sold!

Many business do not have a website yet. Unbelievable. No marketing means

February 15th, 2015
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New Viral Video Process

viral marketingWe just finished testing a new VIDEO VIRAL service offering a way to help videos go viral, getting more views and website traffic.

And it works!

You’ve seen YouTube videos right? How cool would it be if in the middle of the video it paused and gave people a chance to Tweet about your video? How cool would it be to make it “required” if the viewer wanted to finish the video?

Now you can!

  1. Add a short message to your videos that viewers must/can tweet – to turn them VIRAL!
  2. Add an optin form so viewers must/can opt into your list – for MORE OPTINS!
  3. Add a built-in poll so viewers must/can vote – for more respondents and data
  4. Add a message with a link that viewers must/can click – for MORE CLICKS!

…and you get to choose EXACTLY when the script appears, accurate to the

January 14th, 2015
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Press Release Magic

Press releases are one of the key marketing tools we encourage everyone to use for their business health. Using them wisely and often will help keep your business thriving.

Everything we teach businesses to do is about communication. Make sure your business is regularly communicating to the market, your customers and your prospects about what your business is doing, events, sales, announcements and training you offer.

Keep people informed, connected and interested in your business with press releases.

An incredible business building bonus these days is that there are multiple websites that will host every press release you put out and that helps drive traffic to your website in three key ways.

FIRST, each press release may be found and read by clients and prospects when they search online for information that your press release talks about.

SECOND, Google LOVES news, and press releases are news. Your press release may

December 12th, 2014

How To Make Your Website Increase Cash-Flow

Cash Tap Marketing To Your Lists

Cash Tap Marketing To Your Lists

One of the best ways to make your local business website actually add to your bottom line immediately is to take a proactive position… instead of a reactive one.

Sadly, most local businesses leave it up to the customer to return back to the website, or take the next action and contact you to provide your services and products to them.

That’s not the smartest approach if you want to make more money in your business in the next 90 days than you did the previous 9 months.

We’ve all heard the idea that it takes multiple contacts to develop a prospect to the point of buying, that means your business, using automated systems, being proactive to make regular contact with valuable information.

So how can you be proactive automatically? The first way is to develop

August 6th, 2014
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Automated FREE Website Traffic and Sales

automatic website traffic

Automated Website Traffic

Imagine having regular daily traffic to your website, without you doing anything.

Imagine having some of those website visitors become clients, without you doing anything.

Once you set up your automated internet machine that is what can happen.

If you produce the content described in the other post, it will be distributed to dozens of websites creating leads and back links that will inform, educate and attract