Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Video Testimonials SELL

Get Client Testimonials

Get Client Testimonials

The biggest benefit of your website to the success of your business is that hundreds of potential buyers of your product or service can actually FIND your business when they are actually looking for what you sell.

The search engines, like Google and Yahoo, are there to match your buyers with YOU for free!

You would like more cash in hand buyers finding your business right?

Search engines need good content to be able to find your website and the better and fresher your content is the better chance you will end up on page one of the search results of hungry buyers.

The second benefit of you having a website is that that same motivated shopper can meet you, preview your business and be sold on you without ever having to leave home. They can get to know you, like you and trust you 24/7 on their own time. So when they contact you, or come to your store, they are already pre-sold!

Many business do not have a website yet. Unbelievable. No marketing means fewer new customers and many business owners leave the marketing to last. Big mistake.

If all you do is have a single page with basic info, and the most important sales tool testimonials, then you will increase your sales.

Testimonials sell better than anything you can say. If you have happy customers telling their story then people are far more likely to believe and trust that they too will have a good experience.

Absolutely make sure to collect and promote your customer testimonials. They are powerful.

Written testimonials are good, but video testimonials are GREAT!

Here’s a quick video I just produced. It is videoed on an iPhone 3gs in front of a window and a little basic editing in iMovie on a Mac. Nothing fancy, but it works.

It’s not Hollywood but it can be real, honest and compelling for people watch and get the facts from your happy customers too.

Make collecting and promoting testimonials your #1 priority.

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