Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Why Isn’t Your Website On First Page Google Search?

You do know that having your business on first page of Google search results will make you money, right?

Why Isn't Your Website on First Page Google Search?

We are talking qualified, hungry cash-in-hand buyers are searching for who to spend their money with and they are going with who they find on the first page of their Google search results. If you are not there you lose business, cash flow, a client and more…

People doing searches on the internet search engines, like Google, are serious buyers looking for a business to spend money on.

Then why the heck aren’t you found there?

If your business does not show up on the first page of the search results you are losing business.

Everyday people are searching for a business. It might be yours, but you need to be found.

That means you first need a website.

Second, you need to have your website showing up on the first page of searches.

Does your website show up? Not when you type its URL in, but when people are looking for a dentist they type in “dentist + city name” or “oral surgeon + city name”.

What might your potential clients search for to find your type of business?

Go ahead try it out. You type that search term into the search bar in your web browser and see if your business website shows up on the first, second, third or …..worse page.

What do you do when searching online? You clients do the same thing.

We can help ensure that your website shows up on the first page of Google for the types of search terms that people will use to find your business.

Every day that your website is not on first page for common searches you are losing money.

Oh. One more thing. We only work with one business per category in a given geographic area. So it might be you, or your competition. You decide.

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