Thursday, December 17th, 2015

Write a Book… the Easy Way

“I’m an author. I’m published.”

Those are two statements that still carry a mystique, a cachet, almost everywhere except a writers convention. If you want people to sit up and take notice of you, there is little doubt that being a published author will catapult you into the “expert worth listening to category”.

“I can’t write a book”, you say? Tsk, Tsk. It’s not that hard if you are an expert in any area of knowledge. We’re not talking Steven King or Jaclyn Suzanne here.

If you write articles, hold workshops, coach people or train on ANYTHING… you can write a book.

Its a process like anything else and it has very specific formulas to guide you. You could struggle to create a new formula but why bother? Get your FIRST book out of the way and find out how easy it can be, then get more creative.

Let’s hit some super simple highlights of how to write a book:

  1. Have a topic or a specifc thing you want say
  2. Create a chapter subject title based outline
  3. Write an intro paragraph for each chapter – what’s it about
  4. Expand on the idea in each chapter – keep it simple
  5. Conclude your ideas and summarize

Your book can be 20 pages or 120 pages. It’s really OK. The million selling book “The One Minute Salesperson” set a new publishing standard for “short and sweet sells” AND at full price! Value of content versus book length became a key buying factor.

Any seminar, workshop or coaching process you have is a book waiting to be formatted.

Give it some thought and know that by selling your $1,000 seminar in a $20 book will in fact help you have more people buy into your $1,000 seminar. Why? Because you’ll reach thousands with your book and some will come to learn from you live, people you never would have reached before.

As an author you can have more press releases, book events and the best calling card of all to high value prospects… a free copy of your signed book.

Think about. Its not hard to write if you already have material to reformat. You can appropriately place references to your workshops, website and other services throughout the book and drive traffic with not just warm leads but buyers who are developing a relationship with you and your message.

Affordable editors are available to proof and edit your work.

On demand printing is amazing these days. You can be published in about a week with all the technical work, printing and shipping taken care for you. No more ordering 2,000 books to sit in your garage and ship out one by one.

Anyone can publish today for a small cost and no inventory, with great returns.

Watch for the next post on a quick look at the self publishing process.

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