Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Yellow Pages Out, Internet In

RIP Yellow Pages - Google Search Takes Over

RIP Yellow Pages - Google Search Takes Over

More and more business owners are no longer spending thousands of dollars on yellow pages and other phone directories.

Why? Because the evidence is overwhelming that the majority of shoppers search online for finding a business, confirming a phone number, address or store hours and even more powerfully researching a product or company.

Most businesses have experienced a huge drop in sales from ineffective phone directory listings, that cost thousands per month. If they have not moved some marketing dollars to having a strong internet presence then their competition who has is winning big time.

Online is where prospects are found, relationships built and sales made. Make sure they can find you online and you tell your story well and create some value to ensure your share of the online shoppers’ business.

Here’s a TV news story on what’s the latest facts with business and phone directories:

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