Saturday, September 6th, 2014

Your Website Can Dominate First Page Google

Dominate First Page Google Search

Google. Google. Google. Everyone does Google. Sure there is Bing and Yahoo, but Google is king. Why is your website NOT on first page Google? Or Bing? Or Yahoo?

Being on the first page of Google searches will mean more visitors to your website. These are people actively looking to spend money.

How many do you want coming to your website?

Can we guarantee you first place on these search engines? Almost.

In very rare instances it will take a long time to push other sites off first page for some search terms. Most of the time we can get you on the first page with in weeks, sometimes days.

Google sets the secret rules as to who and how they choose rankings, but we understand the key indicators of first page ranking.

If you are not on first page Google you are NOT being found by people who are cash in hand buyers. 80% of buyers are searching online for you.

Can they find you? Can you afford not to be found online?

Get your share of free traffic from the search engines (and maybe MORE than your share) by having us develop your online marketing blueprint, help you develop your content, distribute your content, do on page SEO, off page SEO, set up social sites and more (whew!).

Do you need it all. No. The more the better and everything is not for every business. We will customize your online marketing blueprint for maximum results at minimum cost.

We only work with one business in each market niche. Call us before your competition does.

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